Basic Operations

Volume control bar
Move the bar to adjust volume

  Kind of volumes

  - Media : Music, Video, Game ...etc

  - Ring : Incomming call ringtone sound

  - Notification : Notification sound

  - In-Call : Phone call

  - Alarm : Alarm sound

  - System : System sound. Commonly not well used.

Volume icon button
  Ring/Notification : Vibration setting
Others : Mute/Unmute volume

Vibration indicator
  Shows current vibration status (Colored : on)

Mute indicator
  Shows muted status

Ringer mode button
  Show current ringer mode. You can change modes by clicking these

Preset button
  Plese check 'Preset for headset'

Controls and colors

Change controls
[Menu 'controls' select control]

 There are three control types in 'Volume Control +'

  - Seekbar : Default, simple and quick.
  - Button : Precisely adjustable.
  - Dial : Analog feeling.

Change colors
[Menu 'colors' select color]

  - Choose your favorite color.

Volume lock

'Volume lock' feature prevents unwanted volume changes from volume button and application.
[Menu Volume lock(Unlock)]

You can also select volumes to be locked.
[Menu Settings 'Volume lock settings' 'Select volume']

Preset for headset

Do you use headsets often? If you so, this feature may help you from bothersome volume adjusting. If you connect headset(wired or bluetooth), This feature will change volumes as preset. Then when you disconnect it, volume will restored to previous values.

 1) Please touch the preset button in main screen

 2) Check 'Use presets when...' for activation. You can on/off this feature by check this.

 3) Make your settings. Unchecked volumes will not changed when preset applied.

Scheduler for Ringermode/Preset

Don't adjust volume for go to work, just make your volume schedule.

 1) Click 'Add new' to make new schedule.

 2) Set label, time, and ringer mode/preset. When the schedule applied, 'VC+' remember your volume settings and when the schedule ended, restores volume settings to previous. So you don't need to readjust volumes when your schedule ended.

 3) You can change settings of schedule by touching it. If you want to just change ringer mode/preset, Please click the icon.

4) You can set to ignore schedule by unchecking checkbox. If you want to delete schedule, please long click it.

Preset(available in Pro version)

Make your volume preset, and change all volume settings by touching twice.

 1) Please select one to make preset. (Click twice or press 'edit' button)

 2) Set label and select icon.

 3) Set volume settings. unchecked volumes will not change when preset applied.

 4) You can change presets by using 'Quick preset launcher' This is installed when you installing 'Volume Control +'. (green icon named 'Preset') You can run this by shortcut or preset widget.


You can use two size of widgets.

 - 4x1 widget

 - 1x1 widget

 - Silent Switch(available in Pro version)
   Turn off all sounds. It make all volumes to 0, and turn off all vibration, and set the mode to silent.
(But, there are some sounds can't be muted because don't using android's volume settings. Most cases, these sounds are muted automatically in silent mode. But some is not so.)

   red : silent

   blue: not totaly silent (like vibration)

   green : volumes are working


Basic settings

  Shortcut in status bar
   Add shortcut in status bar

  Use background service
   Set to enable/disable background service. The additional features(like volume lock) are supported by background service. If you want to use the application for just adjusting volume, please uncheck this. It will use less system resource and make the menu to simple.


  Change ringtones of ring and notification.

Feature settings


   Link ring and notificaton volume.
   Anroid's system setting. If your device's ring and notification volume is binded, you can adjust them separately by unchecking this.

   Use sound effect
   Anroid's system setting. It turn on/off sound effect(like touch sound)

 - Notification

   Scheduler notification
   Show notification when applying volume schedule

   Lock notification
   Show notification in status bar when volume is locked

 - Volume control settings

   Play sound when adjust volume
   The beep sound will play when adjusted volume. (Some devices are not support this)

   Media automute
   Mute media volume when ringermode changed to vibrate or silent

   Alarm automute
   Mute alarm volume when ringermode changed to vibrate or silent

   Mute all sounds

   Mute all sounds(even voice calls) when the ringer mode is silent

 - Volume lock settings

   Select volumes
Select the volumes to be locked

 - Others

   Disable automute service
   It does not apply automute when changing ringer mode in elsewhere (like lock screen)

   Disable auto vibration
   It does not change vibration settings when changing ringer mode

   Restore volume
   If your device causes volume trouble when changing ringer mode, check this


 - Mode change setting
  Select type of changing mode when touched widget

   - Normal Vibration Silent
   - Normal Vibration
   - Normal Silent

Thank you for using 'Volume Control +'
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